You found me… Welcome! 


Cindy WoodAbout me

“I love to create” what, more can I say than that!


I am a creative individual that loves to create unique and brilliant works of art in graphic design.  By nature, I am a story-teller everyday and every momment. I love to create with my mind in all facets of creative design in graphic communication, writing, story telling, paper arts, drawing, painting and many other venues of creative outlets I have and continue to explore each day.

I’ve been working within creative design for over 2o years started in 1989 with word processing which ventured into desktop publishing. Evolving into many aspects within Advertising and Marketing which soon lead us into design where we really fell into our passion with illustration, caricature, animation, and many other graphic communication forms. 

I have worked for many years in print creating on both mac and window systems and various platforms. Utilizing many similar creative image software programs. Then came internet and web was a real treat to learn to create graphics from the being of the net introduction. I started with just notepad and moved with it from there creating design work and infusing scripting and programming languages to our repetoir of graphic communication adding to the last 15+ years of collaboration within web design.



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