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Client: ELOR ENERGY Clients design request: Publishing Book Cover illustrated design.  Choice branding concept: YES, creative branding directive specific interests in “LEAD” generation and company branding/identity creative. ADDITIONAL: Creative Concept first choice accepted, deployed in marketing lead generation campaign, successfully. Creative small booklet 4×4 with brand identity and service insight, bundled with card creative for […]

Marketing Lead Generate and Branding Creative

Client: Cornerstone | wealth management systems Clients design request: Greeting Card Series for Company Marketing. Design matching to company current branding and color scheme.  Membership cards creative for company Marketing and Advertising direct mailings. Choice branding concept: All accepted.   Link| view PDF format

Greeting Membership Cards

graphicsMANIA: Advertising, Marketing Graphics Flyer,Greeting Card, Event Card
Client: LUMU Clients design request: Conceptualization mock-ups for unique Advertising/Marketing business. Concept 2 realized and completed. Created Additional creatives according to requests for Event Marketing and Advertising: Business Cards, Event Card, Flyer, Brochure, Vehicle Wrap Choice branding concept: 2nd Concept Link| view PDF format

Event Marketing